Branding Assets Guide

Houston SaberCats Primary Logo

saber large b and w
  • Primary brand representation
  • For use on light pages and backgrounds
  • Primary brand representation
  • Only for use letterhead and print products
  • Not for use on web

Houston SaberCats Secondary Logo

  • Seconday brand representation
  • For use on light pages and backgrounds
  • Secondary brand representation
  • Only for use on documents and letterhead
  • Not for web or social media use

Houston SaberCats Icon

  • For use on light pages and backgrounds
  • Typically for us on letterhead or print materials
  • Not for web use

Colors and Typography



  • Hex: #FCE300
  • Pantone: 102


  • Hex: #FFF


  • Hex: #333
  • Pantone: 444


  • Hex: #000


  • Exo Regular
  • Exo Italic
  • Exo Bold
  • Exo Black

Using SaberCats Branding

How to use our Brand

  • When using our logo to represent the SaberCats brand, we prefer that businesses and individuals use our “primary” (sabercat icon with identifying text) logo, as seen here.
  • Any logo, icon, or header with a solid black background can be used on standard web pages with light backgrounds.


How not to use our Brand

  • Do not use any transparent colored logos (primary, secondary, or icon) on white backgrounds. The SaberCats yellow color must never be in contact with a white, or light color.
  • Do not recreate the SaberCats primary logo by manipulating our icon, and adding custom text within the black circle.
  • Do not change the color or gradient of any of our logos our branding material.
  • Do not rotate any of our branding material.


Branding Questions?

All branding inquires should go to:

Myndi Luevano
Director of Marketing & Sponsorships