Welcome to AVEVA Stadium

Join the Houston SaberCats at our brand new home, AVEVA Stadium, for the 2019 MLR Season. This beautiful new facility will be the place to be with family and friends as your Houston SaberCats take-on their MLR rivals in the 2019 season. The Cats are rarin’ to go and can’t wait to see you and your group at the awesome, new AVEVA Stadium. See below for information on how to get your tickets for the upcoming season.

Get on the List!

As we promised, Season Ticket buyers for our 2018 Season at Constellation Field and Dyer Stadium will get first shot at tickets in the new AVEVA Stadium. If you missed-out on getting Season Tickets at those two venues, you can still get ahead of the curve by pre-registering for 2019 Season Tickets using the form below. Complete the form below – and after we’ve given our 2018 Season Ticket buyers the time to get their 2019 Season Tickets – we’ll send you an email giving you the next shot at buying Season Tickets. You’ll have 3 days to buy your 2019 Season Tickets before we open-up sales of Season Tickets to everyone, so watch your email closely.

We expect to have the seating in the stadium mapped-out and ready to offer the first wave of Season Tickets by early September to those who bought Season Tickets at Constellation and Dyer, and then to those of you that fill-out the form below.

Looking Back on 2018