SaberCats Academy

The SaberCats Academy’s primary mission is to identify, nurture, and secure talent vital to the long-term success of the Houston SaberCats. As athletes embark on their academy journey through various avenues, we offer unwavering support to facilitate their rugby development, aiming to integrate them into the Sabercats Major League Rugby squad or even the esteemed USA Rugby National Team.

Our academy boasts a comprehensive training program featuring rigorous on-field coaching and expert-led strength and conditioning sessions. The overarching goal of the SaberCats Rugby Academy is to empower young athletes with the skills and knowledge they require for both on-field excellence and personal growth.

Sabercats Academy 2

SaberCats 2

SaberCats 2 is the premier pathway directly funneling talent into the Major League Rugby SaberCats side, with a specific emphasis on American-qualified prospects under 24.

This elite program will host three field sessions weekly at the SaberCats Stadium. Under the guidance of professional coaches, players will benefit from meticulously structured strength and conditioning regimens with the addition of video analysis playing a pivotal role in the program. All of this ensures a comprehensive approach to skill development.

SaberCats 2 will provide access to state-of-the-art facilities and offer opportunities for friendly matches against a mix of other Major League Rugby Academies, as well as the excitement of competing in D1/D2 matchups.

Players will have the unique opportunity to earn practice time with the SaberCats, contingent upon the submission of a comprehensive rugby CV, recent gameplay footage, and endorsements from respected coaches within the sport.

Sabercats Academy U18

SaberCats U18

The SaberCat U18 team is composed of young talent from Houston’s high schools and rugby clubs. It is an exclusive platform that scouts and selects the very best youth rugby prospects in the region.

For aspiring players who believe in their potential have an opportunity to try out for the SaberCat U18 side. Becoming a part of this esteemed program grants you access to training on par with the SaberCats, complete with the utilization of top-notch facilities.

SaberCats U18 play against fellow MLR U18 teams nationwide, outside the traditional high school rugby season. Notably, this U18 initiative serves as a direct pipeline into SaberCats 2, where the most promising talents continue to flourish. Tryouts are held in both the fall and late spring, offering two distinct opportunities for players to join this exceptional journey.

Questions? Contact Academy Director, Mike Brown at MIKE.BROWN@HOUSTONSABERCATS.COM