‘Just keep doing what we’re doing’ SaberCats face off with Chicago Hounds in home match

May 17, 2024 | Uncategorized

By Aaron Wilson

Nothing changes with the SaberCats’ aggressive approach.
Just the venue and unpredictable lineups from week to week.
The SaberCats host the Chicago Hounds on Saturday night at home and are looking for their 10th victory of the season. That would tie the franchise record for victories established last season for the 9-1 Western Conference division leaders.
The SaberCats, whose starting lineup includes leading scorer Davy Coetzer along with Line Latu, Sam Hill, Dom Akina, Seimou Smith, AJ Alatimu, Andre Warner, Ronan Murphy, Keni Nasoqeqe, Marno Redilinghuys, Ezekiel Lindenmuth, Pita Anae-Ah Sue, Maks Van Dyk, Johan Momsen and Nathan Den Hoedt, have won four matches in a row.
“The standard is pretty high,” Jeremy Misailegalu said. “We just keep doing what we’re doing and not change anything and prepare like we always prepare and let the main thing be the main thing, and the rest is history.”
The Hounds are 5-4-1 and in second place in the Eastern Conference division.
“I think the most important thing is to stay calm and not get big-headed,” Gideon van Wyk said. “You saw what happened against the Free Jacks. We have a lot to lose. We need to stay focused.”
The SaberCats are coming off a win over Anthem Rugby Carolina, an 0-10 squad.
This should be a more difficult challenge.
“Chicago is going to be a really tough game,” Drew Wild said. “They knocked off the Free Jacks last week. It’s going to be a challenge. It would be good to beat them and make a statement. In that Free Jacks game, we didn’t play our best.
“We can beat the top dogs. We want to show what we can do against the top teams. That could come up later in the year. You want to get a foot up on them for confidence. We still feel like we haven’t had our complete performance yet. We want to strive to be our best every week.”