‘Love the fans,’ SaberCats primed for Saturday preseason match against NOLA Gold

Feb 21, 2024 | Uncategorized

Written by Aaron Wilson

When the SaberCats take the field Saturday afternoon against the NOLA Gold, a returning playoff squad is looking forward to welcoming back their loyal fans.
Coming off a 10-victory season and their second consecutive playoff appearance, the SaberCats are hosting a two-day set of preseason matches Friday night and Saturday afternoon at home called the Houston Ruckening
“I love the fans,” SaberCats leading returning scorer Davy Coetzer said. “We’ve got a very good relationship with them. The way we get to interact with them and the support they show us, that drives us to the shield. The Houston community is a big influence in what we play for and we get to know them at a deeper level.”
Dallas plays New England on Friday night at 7 p.m., followed by Saturday at 3 p.m. by the SaberCats’ match against the Gold.
This represents an opportunity for the SaberCats to fine-tune their skills and chemistry against an opponent and to interact with the fans.
Before the SaberCats open the season at home March 2 against the Utah Warriors, they have more time to polish their strategy with a match that doesn’t count in the standings.
The SaberCats, coming off a single-season record for victories, have several key players back from last season, including Coetzer, Gerrie Labuschagne’, Gideon van Wyk, Christian Dyer and Drew Wild. They have also signed multiple newcomers to further bolster the roster under the leadership of director Heyneke Meyer and coach Pote Human.
“Oh man, I’ll tell you, the coaches did well and signed a lot of good talent and kept a lot of good talent,” Labuschagne’ said. “I’m very excited for the season. If there’s even been a year I’m excited to play for the Houston SaberCats, it’s 2024.
“I believe we took the steps we needed to take and climbed the ladder like we’re supposed to do. It would be a fantastic story. If it works out like it’s supposed to and we can utilize all of our players, I believe we can take it this year.”
The Gold finished 7-9 last season, including a 35-14 early-season loss to the SaberCats last February.
Competing in the ultra-competitive Western Conference, the SaberCats were the only team to defeat a 15-1 San Diego Legion squad last season.
“I think we had an amazing season as a group,” Labuschagne’ said. “The future is looking bright. We’re not done. It’s just the start. There’s more ahead of us.”